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        Acta Geologica Sinica(English Edition)
        主办: 中国地质学会
        周期: 双月
        语种: 英文;
        开本: 16开
        ISSN 1000-9515
        CN 11-2001/P
        投稿  收藏本刊文章

        Acta Geologica Sinica(English Edition)

        2019 年06期 目录
        New Evidence for a Cretaceous Age for a Mesozoic Nonmarine Bivalve Assemblage from Paekto-dong, Sinuiju City, The Democratic People's Republic of Korea CholGuk WON;KwangSik SO;SuHyang JON;
        Transpressive Structures in the Ghadir Shear Belt, Eastern Desert, Egypt: Evidence for Partitioning of Oblique Convergence in the Arabian-Nubian Shield during Gondwana Agglutination Mohamed ABD EL-WAHED;Samir KAMH;Mahmoud ASHMAWY;Aly SHEBL;
        Meso-Cenozoic Tectonothermal History of Permian Strata, Southwestern Weibei Uplift: Insights from Thermochronology and Geothermometry YU Qiang;REN Zhanli;LI Rongxi;TAO Ni;QI Kai;JIANG Cheng;WANG Baojiang;
        Quantitative Prediction of Fracture Distribution of the Longmaxi Formation in the Dingshan Area, China using FEM Numerical Simulation XIE Jiatong;QIN Qirong;FAN Cunhui;
        Provenance of the Late Permian Xuanwei Formation in the Upper Yangtze Block: Constraints from the Sedimentary Record and Tectonic Implications ZHANG Yingli;JIA Xiaotong;WANG Zongqi;
        Depositional Age, Provenance Characteristics and Tectonic Setting of the Ailaoshan Group in the Southwestern South China Block JI Lei;LIU Fulai;WANG Fang;TIAN Zhonghua;
        Precise Seismic Substructural Model of the Eocene Chorgali Limestone in the Turkwal Oil Field, Central Potwar, Pakistan Khawar Ashfaq AHMED;Sarfraz KHAN;Mahmood SULTAN;UMAIR Bin Nisar;Kalim ULLAH;Al-Hseinat MU'AYYAD;
        Early Paleozoic Granite in the Talate Mining District, Chinese Altay, and its Geological Significance for the Altay Orogenic Belt LIU Feng;CHAI Fengmei;HAN Dan;
        Geochemical Characteristics of Wuyang Siliceous Rocks in the Southern Margin of North China Craton and its Constraint on the Formation Environment of BIF of Tieshanmiao Formation LI Hongzhong;HE Junguo;LIANG Jin;YANG Fei;ZHAI Mingguo;ZHANG Lianchang;Voudouris PANAGIOTIS;
        Crystallization Conditions and Mineral Chemistry in the East of Tafresh, Central Iran, with Insights into Magmatic Processes Davood RAEISI;Hassan MRNEJAD;
        The Late Early Cretaceous Mo Mineralization in the South China Mo Province: Constraints from U–Pb and Re–Os Geochronology of the Lufeng Porphyry Mo Deposit WANG Yongbin;ZENG Qingdong;LIU Jianming;ZHOU Lingli;
        U-Pb Ages and Hf Isotope of Zircons from a Carbonatite Dyke in the Bayan Obo Fe-REE Deposit in Inner Mongolia: its Geological Significance LAI Xiaodong;YANG Xiaoyong;
        He–Ar Isotopic Tracing of Pyrite from Ore-forming Fluids of the Sanshandao Au Deposit, Jiaodong Area HAN Zhenyu;YU Xiaowei;LI Shoujun;Tian Jingxiang;WANG Zhongliang;YU Xiaojing;WANG Ligong;
        Limitations of Lattice Boltzmann Modeling of Micro-Flows in Complex Nanopores ZUO Hong;DENG Shouchun;LI Haibo;
        High-precision Dating and Geological Significance of Chang 7 Tuff Zircon of the Triassic Yanchang Formation, Ordos Basin in Central China ZHU Rukai;CUI Jingwei;DENG Shenghui;LUO Zhong;LU Yuanzheng;QIU Zhen;
        Petrography and Geochemistry of the Upper Triassic Sandstones from the Western Ordos Basin, NW China: Provenance and Tectonic Implications ZHAO Xiaochen;LIU Chiyang;XIAO Bo;ZHAO Yan;CHEN Yingtao;
        Provenance Variability of the Triassic Strata in the TurpanHami Basin: Detrital Zircon Record of Indosinian Tectonic Reactivation in the Eastern Tianshan ZHANG Shaohua;LIU Chiyang;BAI Jianke;WANG Jianqiang;MA Ming;GUAN Yuzhao;PENG Heng;
        Distribution Characteristics and Accumulation Model for the Coal-formed Gas Generated from Permo-Carboniferous Coal Measures in Bohai Bay Basin, China: A Review JIANG Youlu;HU Hongjin;Jon GLUYAS;ZHAO Kai;
        Integrated Biostratigraphy, Depositional Setting and Geochemical Analyses for Petroleum Potential Evaluation of the Lower Cretaceous(Barremian – Albian) Strata of the Koppeh-Dagh Basin, Northeastern Iran Sharifi MOHAMMAD;Foroughi FARIBA;Ghasemi-Nejad EBRAHIM;Shekarifard ALI;Yazdi-Moghadam MOHSEN;Sarfi MEHDI;
        Oxygen Fugacity and Water Activity during Thermal Peak and Retrogression of Granulites around the Sarvapuram Area, Karimnagar Granulite Terrane, Andhra Pradesh, India P.Chandra SINGH;D.PRAKASH;
        Gradual Evolution from Fluvial Dominated to Tide Dominated Deltas and Channel Type Transformation: A Case Study of MPE3 Block in the Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt of the Eastern Venezuelan Basin HUANG Wensong;CHEN Heping;XU Fang;MENG Zheng;ZHANG Fanqin;WU Suwei;
        Hydrogeochemical Characteristics and Groundwater Inrush Source Identification for a Multi-aquifer System in a Coal Mine ZHANG Haitao;XU Guangquan;CHEN Xiaoqing;WEI Jian;YU Shitao;YANG Tingting;
        Experimental Study of Dissolution-Alteration of Amphibole in a Hydrothermal Environment LI Yongli;HUANG Fei;GAO Wenyuan;TANG Xu;REN Yaqun;MENG Lin;ZHANG Zhibin;
        Advances in Research of Mineral Chemistry of Magmatic and Hydrothermal Biotites TANG Pan;CHEN Yuchuan;TANG Juxing;WANG Ying;ZHENG Wenbao;LENG Qiufeng;LIN Bin;WU Chunneng;
        A New Discovery of Colobodus Agassiz, 1844(Colobodontidae) from the Carnian(Upper Triassic) of Guizhou, South China LI Ji;LUO Yongming;WANG Yue;XU Guangfu;MA Zhiheng;
        A New Discovery of Cretaceous(~125 Ma) Migmatite in Liaodong Peninsula, North China Craton LIU Jin;ZHANG Jian;LIU Zhenghong;YIN Changqing;ZHAO Chen;CHENG Changquan;LIU Heng;MIAO Yazhou;
        The Redefinition on Formation Time of the Lapeiquan Group in the Hongliugou Area, North Altyn: Constrains from New Detrital Zircon LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Ages DONG Shunli;YAN Zhaokun;REN Jing;WANG Xinwei;ZHAO Shaoze;DENG Tao;
        Detrital Zircon U-Pb Geochronology of the Triassic Sandstones from the Yanyuan Basin of Southwestern Sichuan, China YAN Zhaokun;DONG Shunli;LI Yong;CHEN Aiqing;SHAO Chongjian;ZHAO Shaoze;
        LA-ICP-MS Zircon U-Pb Dating of Tuffs in the Taining Basin: Constraints on the Ages of the Danxia Red Beds XU Huan;GUO Fusheng;CHEN Liuqin;WANG Chao;ZHANG Weiqiang;
        The Middle–Late Triassic Closure of the East Paleotethys Ocean: Paleomagnetic Evidence from the Baoshan Terrane, China ZHAO Jie;HUANG Baochun;YAN Yonggang;
        New Zircon U-Pb Age of Tuff in the Third Section of the Tuchengzi Formation: Constraints on the JurassicCretaceous Boundary of Continental Strata in Western Liaoning CHEN Jingsheng;LI Weiwei;YANG Hao;LI Bin;LIU Miao;YANG Fan;
        New Data on Lithium Isotopic Geochemistry of the No. X03 Lithium Vein in the Jiajika Super-Large Lithium Deposit, Sichuan, China LIU Lijun;WANG Denghong;HOU Jianglong;ZHAO Yue;ZHANG Yujie;
        Hydrothermal Zircon from a Newly Found Porphyritic Granite in the Dongping Gold Deposit in Northern Hebei, China: Evidence from Petrography and Hf Isotope Composition WEI Hao;XU Jiuhua;ZHANG Guorui;SONG Guichang;ZHAO Junkang;LIU Jinhai;
        Instructions for Authors
        Acta Geologica Sinica(English Edition)2019年各期:  [01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [S1] [S1] [S1] [S1]
        Acta Geologica Sinica(English Edition) 其它年:   [2018]   [2017]   [2016]   [2015]   [1989]
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        • 010-62791813
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